Monday, September 21, 2009

Sunday breakfast on a Monday

When I was a little girl, my dad and I used to make this very simple, yet delicious dish on Sundays.

It's pretty much called " Duszona cebulka".
There are different variations of it, but this was ours.

Ours consisted of first frying up some cut up bacon pieces.
Then you had about three onions( I always tried to get as many as possible. The pot would be so full that you couldn't even stir the onions, but had to wait for them to shrink), cut in half moon slices.
Then put the onions in the pot together with the bacon, and put the lid on the pot ( lid on top is very important, otherwise the onions may burn and get dry).
Once the onions are super soft, you add an egg or two and stir it up. Season to taste and have it on some fresh bread/roll.

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Agnes Callahan said...

Hi Iza!

I totally know what dish you are talking about! I used to LOVE duszona cebulka :)) My mom cooked it in our house as well (in a very similar way to what your dad prepared it) and you are right the lid on the pot is indeed very important! :)) Yummy! I am getting hungry just by thinking about it! These are some nice memories...for some reason all the best memories my family has revolved around food :)