Sunday, September 27, 2009

My first art/photo purchase! :)

Rain or shine (it chose to be rain), the Hoboken arts festival is on today. Hubby went to it last year, and after hearing that they sell art work too (and not just food, like at the Italian festival), I had to go.

I bought two photo prints. Both have been taken in Tibet. When I saw the one with the horses, I just had to have it.
Finally, I found a piece of work that I really wanted. Buying just some "art" from a mass chain stores is not my thing, especially not just for the sake of buying anything to fill up a blank wall to make the room feel more complete.
The other print is of a Tibetan temple, which hubby picked out.

Frame wise... not sure yet. I've decided to keep the gray walls, with which white frames would look nice... BUT the matte is white, so no real contrast.... so perhaps something darker, but not black... some brown color... but not reddish... and contemporary, but perhaps with some extra dimension to it and not just flat... ok, need to think about it more.

The photos here don't do justice of what they actually looks like.


paula said...

these are gorgeous!

Angeline said...

Both are excellent choices. The horse shot is beautiful!