Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Recent customers

The pooch photos are long overdue, but sometimes we are just so busy at work that there isn't really a good time to snap some photos.
All of these fellas were really adorable. I almost wanted to steal the Dachshund for my husband, as that's his dream dog. The kitty was really sweet too, and the West Highland Terrier just reminded me of something that popped out of a comic book.
I also just want to note, that not all pictures taken are of dogs that I have groomed.


Angeline said...

Oh my God, the second to last one looks like an Ewok! Too cute! :)

Suzie said...

Awww! Doggy photos really made my day! Ugh, Mondays! :)

Joi said...

That yorkie melts my heart. He could be my Niko's friend. : )