Monday, September 28, 2009

good evening mr opossum

Mail in my hands, bag on my shoulder, I walked up the stairs until I reached the landing before my last few steps to home sweet home. What a large rat tale. Perhaps a nutria ( seen those by the water)? No, just a "small" opossum.
So I like critters, but this one was in a really bad spot. If he went any further up, he would end up at my door step. If he went sideways, he would go dropping down a floor. If he went down the stairs he would have to pass me.
So I went down and waited a bit, but the fellow was too scared to move and stayed in the corner. After calling hubby and friend for advice, I just went to the dumpster, got myself a cardboard shield ( no google at hand to realize that these things are scared and use to play dead as one of their defense mechanisms.) and slowly passed it.
I was worried it would get so scared and take a leap down, fall and break.
It finally moved ( hopefully to some happy place) and I was able to walk my pooch.

It kind of looks really mean in this photo, but really it looked more like a cute kitten ( minus the large rat tail), that was scared.

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Angeline said...

Aw, what a surprise! Yeah, I think the tail might've thrown me off a bit, but he does seem cute.