Monday, April 5, 2010

little Aster

About a week ago it was clear that the sad time has come. On March 27th, our beloved Aster had to be put to sleep. The bladder cancer was no longer under some control.
She was quite the family dog. Although she was really my mother in law's dog, she ended up living with us due to circumstances and ended up being just like my own. I had the pleasure ( and sometimes — rarely, a little frustration) to live with her for the past four years.
Interestingly enough I came across the podcast by the New Yorker: Out Loud,where Meghan O'Rourke briefly discusses grief.
If you wish, you can find it here . She talks more about losing a person, but I think it doesn't have to relate just to that.
What struck me as incredibly true is that grief cyclical. It doesn't just get better over time like a flu. You have your good days and your bad ones.