Thursday, July 8, 2010

chilling in summer heat

AC is fixed! yay. So it seems. We either had, or have some little issues still with it, but those may have been resolved. Running a test on the machine. See if it can hit the 70 degree mark. Frankly, 70 is a bit chilly for me, but lets see what this baby can do.

I had the pleasure to spend about 4.5 hours on this little guy today. So cute, so well behave and oh just sooooo much hair to strip out of him. He was a good sport.

Since Aster has been gone, I feel like I'm hogging all the Westies at work. I guess in a sense they are her " relatives".

I came across this clothing store , picked out about 8 things that I liked and then pretty much gave up on them. Why? ----> Pollyester. I can't stand that fabric. I refuse to wear anything 100% Polyester. Even 80% is really pushing it. I can't breathe in it. Sometimes it feels even rough, sometimes it's like a cheap version of wanna be silk. I just roll my eyes when I see a designer piece of clothing, that looks like silk, is all nice and then guess what, POLYESTER. I refuse to spend a lot of money on something that makes me feel like I am suffocating. Well, I could go into how when I'm sweaty in it, the sweat has nowhere to go, but I'll leave that up to your imagination.

On a home design note, I really like these chairs

And I really want to repaint my office. Ok, no, I want my office to be magically repainted by itself. It's been months since I last painted a room, but the memory of the pain that goes into prepping walls has not been over taken by amnesia yet.
So maybe, until we get new floors, the office will be Benjamin Moore Tea Light. By then, who knows what genius color I will want to paint it. Right now it would be a medium gray. Not sure if cool or warm yet, but gray. Still love my other gray walls