Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Recent customers

I can go mushy over terrier, mutty dogs. This one, ohh so cute. Those perky ears make me smile.

He just looks so proud in here.
This little fellow was very sweet too and well behaved.

Monday, September 28, 2009

good evening mr opossum

Mail in my hands, bag on my shoulder, I walked up the stairs until I reached the landing before my last few steps to home sweet home. What a large rat tale. Perhaps a nutria ( seen those by the water)? No, just a "small" opossum.
So I like critters, but this one was in a really bad spot. If he went any further up, he would end up at my door step. If he went sideways, he would go dropping down a floor. If he went down the stairs he would have to pass me.
So I went down and waited a bit, but the fellow was too scared to move and stayed in the corner. After calling hubby and friend for advice, I just went to the dumpster, got myself a cardboard shield ( no google at hand to realize that these things are scared and use to play dead as one of their defense mechanisms.) and slowly passed it.
I was worried it would get so scared and take a leap down, fall and break.
It finally moved ( hopefully to some happy place) and I was able to walk my pooch.

It kind of looks really mean in this photo, but really it looked more like a cute kitten ( minus the large rat tail), that was scared.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

My first art/photo purchase! :)

Rain or shine (it chose to be rain), the Hoboken arts festival is on today. Hubby went to it last year, and after hearing that they sell art work too (and not just food, like at the Italian festival), I had to go.

I bought two photo prints. Both have been taken in Tibet. When I saw the one with the horses, I just had to have it.
Finally, I found a piece of work that I really wanted. Buying just some "art" from a mass chain stores is not my thing, especially not just for the sake of buying anything to fill up a blank wall to make the room feel more complete.
The other print is of a Tibetan temple, which hubby picked out.

Frame wise... not sure yet. I've decided to keep the gray walls, with which white frames would look nice... BUT the matte is white, so no real contrast.... so perhaps something darker, but not black... some brown color... but not reddish... and contemporary, but perhaps with some extra dimension to it and not just flat... ok, need to think about it more.

The photos here don't do justice of what they actually looks like.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Sunday breakfast on a Monday

When I was a little girl, my dad and I used to make this very simple, yet delicious dish on Sundays.

It's pretty much called " Duszona cebulka".
There are different variations of it, but this was ours.

Ours consisted of first frying up some cut up bacon pieces.
Then you had about three onions( I always tried to get as many as possible. The pot would be so full that you couldn't even stir the onions, but had to wait for them to shrink), cut in half moon slices.
Then put the onions in the pot together with the bacon, and put the lid on the pot ( lid on top is very important, otherwise the onions may burn and get dry).
Once the onions are super soft, you add an egg or two and stir it up. Season to taste and have it on some fresh bread/roll.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Recent customers

The pooch photos are long overdue, but sometimes we are just so busy at work that there isn't really a good time to snap some photos.
All of these fellas were really adorable. I almost wanted to steal the Dachshund for my husband, as that's his dream dog. The kitty was really sweet too, and the West Highland Terrier just reminded me of something that popped out of a comic book.
I also just want to note, that not all pictures taken are of dogs that I have groomed.