Tuesday, August 18, 2009

quick flea market tour

I briefly stopped by the flea market by the Port Authority and my heart skipped a little faster when I came across this beautiful wood set type. If I can come across some cheap one on ebay then I will definitely get it, but I didn't bother asking the guy the price when he told another person that the type goes upto $20. I presumed that was for the large letters.
So instead I got some snapshots, before he told me not to take photos. Realistically he had no authority, as I wasn't on his private property, like in a store, but I stopped. Wouldn't want to get an old man angry now would I.

I also came across this IKEA dresser, which was falling apart on the side. There seems to be an entire IKEA collection on craigslist, so I can only imagine that someone really clueless would even consider buying that piece.