Sunday, March 6, 2011

Logan, week 1

We've had Logan ( Russell Terrier)for a week now, and just love love love him. The little guy settled in quite quickly. That is after the first night the cries were so loud and pitched, that all I could picture was a little pup alone in the wilderness, crying for his mother. Heart breaking as it was, we both made it with little sleep through the night.

Taking him out in the middle of the night went from 4 times, to him now sleeping straight through, and me being the one waking him up at 6:45am to go out and have breakfast.
The crate is no longer some scary isolation, but his little den ( which he is busy right now turning upside down, burrowing at the towel).

He's learning new lessons things daily, such as "leave it", which he understands, but has a short attention span for it, "come" which usually consists of him just sitting there, looking at me ( brain processing?)and then just sprinting towards me, and the new one "sit".
"Heal" will have to wait until he has all his shots and we can walk properly outside. Right now his poop/pee station is on the balcony, and finally I have some use for all the junk newspapers.
One key lesson that he is being taught daily is that our hands are not chew toys, and he's definitely still learning that one.