Tuesday, July 14, 2009

STARBUCKS's version of almost no ice

After walking for some time, there was nothing I wanted more than a nice cold iced tea from STARBUCKS.
I told the guy specifically that I wanted VERY little ice, almost no ice.
The funny part was, that it even said on the cup " light on ice", and on top of that, the guy handing me the tea said " Iced tea, light on ice".
I was thirsty, the place was busy, so I walked, but this is not my version of little ice.
When I am going to drink this cup at most in the next 15 min, I really don't need more than 4 ice cubes. Nor do I wish to pay over $3for a drink, which is nothing more than 1/3 frozen water.... sigh

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Agnes Callahan said...

I understand your frustration with Starbucks. I am taking a little break from them. They used to make awesome lattes but now it all depends on the location and barista you are dealing with. Most of the time i can make better latte than Starbuks and way cheaper!! I am so excited that you are Polish as well. You don't speak the language do you? How about your parents are they both Polish? I used to live in New York...I miss the city although Atlanta is more kid friendly :)) Anyways, I have added you to my friend' s blog list you don't mind do you? :) Your blog looks cool and i can't wait to read more of it.