Friday, July 10, 2009

The old violin

I have come across this image recently (see below, by Adrien Donot). I knew instantly that I have seen this concept before, which was done by Man Ray, in 1924. Normally I even like it when other artists are inspired by past artist's work. Man Ray was apparently inspired by ean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres's nude paintings.
Yet in this case it was just.... all I could think when I saw this was " how unoriginal". Knowing well that much of today of anything is unoriginal.
Adrien Donot

Man Ray's Le Violin d'Ingres

Other similar copies.

Kimberly Mirabeau
body tattoo
body tattoo

Alexander Kharlmov
I do appreciate this one, which is created out of typography.


Mary Ann said...

I'm bothered by this as well. Although I know (from Sherrie Levine's Statement) that art is never original, copycat work is annoying. Artist have to bring something new to an established form - the final image in your post brings something new, rendering the figure with typographical forms. If they haven't brought something new, what's the point?

Izabella said...

Exactly. The first ones seem not much more than just an image manipulation.
Even if it was a series, of body instruments, and this were one of then, there would be something more to it.

Marie Wise said...

These are equally inspiring. Amazing!