Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Fine Things

There are already plenty of reasons for hubby and me to go visit Austria, besides the fact that my close friend and my other friend's mother lives there, who I was close with too, I have yet another reason: feinedinge. It would be hard to resist at least something small from this store based in Vienna. The containers are whimsical, yet contemporary.

'moonstruck' leuchtkugeln

'silver' zylindervasen


Suzie said...

Amazing marzipan too! :)

Mary Ann said...

I found some of their lovely things in this online shop. So pretty.

Angeline said...

Those vases are wonderful! Simple, but classy.

Amy Perrotti said...

Those are lovely! Thank you for sharing. :)

Rebecca said...

Those are so unique! Love the ones that light up inside...the light shining through is so pretty and would be a great nightlight type of thing! I want one:)