Monday, May 3, 2010

North Shore Animal League

I went to the North Shore Animal League last sunday. Since I was dog sitting, it was a good time to check out that popular animal shelter. I was advised that nothing good would come out of my visit. I'd either end up surprising my husband with a new adopted pooch, that he had no choice in choosing, or I'd walk out depressed about the abandoned dogs.

Something else ended up happening. Disappointment with the place. I saw about seven adult dogs, and three puppies. Great news, right? Doesn't this mean all the other dogs have found homes, or people have become wiser and kinder about pet care? Not exactly. We were told that all the other puppies we'd be only able to meet during the following weekend's large adoption drive. Yes, they were hiding puppies, most likely kittens and I don't know what else, in another room. ( you could even hear them).
When my friend mentioned this to one of the workers, he started saying how they need to be checked before the next weekend and aren't ready yet. Like she said to him " come on, do we look stupid to you?". Boy you could see he was lieing out of his ass, or whatever he was told to say.

Either way, I was disappointed that if a dog could find a home during the week, why make it wait till the weekend? For a huge drive when it was most likely a zoo in there.
One lady in there was smart. She got approved just so that on the weekend she could give a loving home to a new pooch.

This was one of the available puppies. An older man wanted him for his daughter, or grand daughter. He was told that she had to come in order to receive the pup. I hope the pup found a loving home either way.

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