Thursday, June 24, 2010

summer heat

Last night it was 90 degrees at home. Needless to say, I got very little sleep. The fans can only do so much when it comes to humidity. I long for the dry summer days ( such as Florida in the middle of January is perfect, or when we were in Vegas in September a couple of years ago).
The AC should be fixed by Monday. I honestly don't know how I survived last summer in this home with no AC.

Work was a bit challenging with the lack of sleep. Dealing with a small dog who is determined to bite you at whatever cost isn't fun either. On top of it, the little bugger wouldn't even stand.
Fortunately two Westies managed to cheer me up. This was one of them. He was so cute. Didn't get to take a picture of the other one, as his mommy was waiting for him.

They can be a little naughty too sometimes, but it's ok, I understand, it's who they are. So spunky.

Speaking of haircuts. I got one too, and after a wash feel like a chopped up Shih-Tzu. The guy styled my hair nicely and it looked fine, but when I washed it! OHHH MAN, BAAADD. Parts sticking out, so choppy. If I have time tomorrow he will see how he can fix it. Frankly I don't want him to fix it, I want his boss to fix it. I have never seen anything so uneven in my life. Now my hair will have to be probably cut shorter than I wanted. Ugh. Such is life.

On a sport note:
Looking forward to the match on Sunday. Germany - England . May Germany win. They got me all worried with the previous match. Also, very niiiiiice shot by USA. So last minute. Excellent. Perhaps this will spark a bit more soccer interest in this country. I see why there isn't room for another sport.

I knew South Africa wasn't going to get far, but I am pleasantly surprised that they got as far as they did.

Yes, we could do without the horns, but my brain manages to block them pretty much out.

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